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 Tune into Spotlight TV with Emmy Award Winner, broadcaster and actor Logan Crawford (Blood Bloods, The Blacklist, Manifest, Bull, The Irishman, Marry Me, Three Women, The Big Short, Person of Interest, Gotham, The Following, Daredevil, Not Okay, The First Purge ),

📖join us for a nostalgic and heartfelt interview with Andrew J. Wentz, author of Smallwood Drift. This true-life story captures Andrew’s childhood experiences, starting in 1942 in Western Pennsylvania, amidst the harsh realities of an impoverished coal mine and steel mill environment at the onset of World War II.

✨ Step back in time with Andrew as he shares the poignant and powerful story of his early years. From the struggles of growing up in challenging conditions to the cherished memories that shaped his life, Smallwood Drift is a testament to resilience, hope, and the enduring power of memory. This book beautifully captures the essence of a time and place that will resonate with readers for generations.

🎥 Don’t miss this episode where Andrew J. Wentz discusses the inspirations behind his memoir and the life lessons he learned along the way. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that will transport you to a bygone era and leave you with a renewed appreciation for the strength of the human spirit.

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